Rakhi Chonkar-Dhotre

At the outset I would like to thank Prof. Marchioni for allowing Observership under his guidance, which has been a lifetime learning opportunity for me. I received lot of help and valuable support from Dr Luca Bianconi & Dr Davide Soloperto during the Observership.

Prof. Marchioni is a person with smile on his face all the time and is passionate to train budding Surgeons about new techniques.

I was given the opportunity to observe the surgeries and spent most of my hours in the operating rooms. I also got an opportunity to observe OPDs with Prof. Marchioni, where I learnt many invaluable clinical tips and pearls. I also got to observe 3D Temporal bone dissection at the state of the art Lab.

Alongwith endoscopic ear, I observed lot of lateral skull base surgeries with extensive lesions. Under guidance of Prof. Marchioni attending the VII International Workshop on Endoscopic Ear surgery & International meeting on Innovative Perspectives in Acoustic Neuroma Surgery, helped me in widening my horizons of knowledge. Dissection during the same was a world class experience.

I would like to thank all the staff members, Consultants and residents for their support during my Observership, who were all immensely helpful. Although we were a group of 3 Observers from different countries, Prof. Marchioni attended each of us personally and was always ready to answer all our queries.

I will always cherish these memories and knowledge. I would love to visit them again to learn more & more.


Dr Rakhi Chonkar-Dhotre
Consultant at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Hospital, Anuhaktinagar, Mumbai
Assistant Honorary at BDBA Municipal General Hospital, Kandivali, Mumbai


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