Nirmal Patel

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Nirmal Patel

ENT Professor

Sydney Hills ENT Clinic (Austalia)

I attended the first advanced course on Endoscopic Ear Surgery in Arezzo and Modena in November 2015. Professors Presutti and Marchioni ran the course for surgeons who are familiar with the EES technique and were keen to explore the approach for the lateral skull base. The dissection in Arezzo was outstanding with Professor Marchioni performing steps then the dissectors. We had time to study the suprageniculate, infracochlear and transotic approaches to the IAC. The location, weather, food and knowledge gained were outstanding. The live surgery performed by Livio and Daniele was as usual amazing. We had the change to view a transotic approach to the IAC for tumour removal, paraganglioma removal and 4 other EES cases in 1 day! I thoroughly recommend this course to EES surgeons who are getting comfortable with their middle ear work.

Following the course I spent 4 days in amazing Verona. Daniele was an incredible host at an unbelievable institution. The volume and quality of work being performed here is jaw dropping. Daniele organised a further transotic approach and vestibular schwannoma removal. Then two suprageniculate approaches for cholesteatoma of the petrous apex and finishing with an infracochlear exploration for carcinoid of the middle ear… and this was just the work. Then there was the daily espresso round and amazing Verona.

A mixture of Roman, medieval and catholic architecture interwoven by the graceful Adige river, Verona in my opinion is the most beautiful Italian city I have visited. Food and wine are important to the Verona people, especially Valpolicella and the eating scene was amazing . Patrik, Davide and Luca made wonderful hosts to help me explore the city.

I thoroughly recommend a visit to Daniele’s unit to really see how far endoscopic ear surgery can be taken in a thoughtful and deliberate manner. You will not be disappointed.


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