Manuela Fina

Manuela Fina, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology University of Minnesota, MN, USA


“Watching live endoscopic ear surgery and having the opportunity to discuss each surgical case, step-by-step, with Prof. Daniele Marchioni was a real privilege and an amazing professional experience. The schedule was very busy!

We started early at 7:30 in the morning. Each day there were numerous complex endoscopic ear surgery cases along with other interesting head & neck and endoscopic sinus surgeries being performed in the adjacent rooms. Two OR days of Prof. Marchioni’s schedule equals your average full week’s worth of cases!

I learned a lot about site preparation, injection, and how to elevate the flap with minimal bleeding. I found it very useful to watch their OR set up, surgeon’s position and learn tips on how to adapt various surgical instruments to be utilized in endoscopic ear surgery. It was incredible to have Daniele teach the anatomy of the middle ear during complex cholesteatoma cases and learn very valuable tips on sculpting the incus for partial and total autologous ossicular reconstruction.

One of the most valuable learning experiences was the opportunity to observe several endoscopic stapedotomy cases. The endoscopic approach to stapes surgery requires advanced endoscopic surgical dexterity. Watching several cases performed in such a precise, meticulous and methodical sequence of moves was for me an essential training requirement prior to make the transition from microscopic to endoscopic approach to stapes surgery.

My visit was a very important and defining complementary learning experience after attending Endoscopic Ear Surgery dissection courses.”

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