Joao Flavio Nogueira




João Flávio Nogueira
Assistant Professor
ENT Department
Universidade Estadual do Ceará – UECE
Director Sinus & Oto Centro
Fortaleza, Brazil

Professor Daniele Marchioni is one of the most talented otolaryngologists from his generation.
A true artist both at the art of surgery and at the art of drawings, he has an amazing sense for duty and science.
A true innovator at his field, Professor Marchioni is making history, changing the way doctors perform endoscopic surgery of the ear, lateral skull base, but also nose, paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base. Improving the results for patients, he has introduced many minimally invasive techniques that require experience and passion, two qualities he has.
Verona is, and will become even more, a center for excellence in otolaryngology.


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