Bouali Mustapha

I met Pr Marchioni the first time in an otology course in Paris two years ago and at that time I knew that he was a brilliant surgeon. Then I read his book when preparing my thesis and I knew again that he was an excellent author. But when I visited his department in Verona, I discovered that he was much more than this. Besides his modesty and generosity (both material and scientific), Pr Marchioni is a true artist in surgery but also in drawings (all what you can see in his book). I had the opportunity to visit a lot of ENT departments all around the world and yes I have seen many excellent surgeons in otology, others in rhinology or in head and neck surgery. But Pr Marchioni with his team are really complete. From short basic ENT surgeries to the most complicated skull base approaches, they just excel. I am really grateful to him having accepted me in his department but also to his active and friendly team who made my stay easy and enjoyable. Although I came alone and I don’t speak italian, they did every effort to help, the staff, the residents (Antonio, Andrea…i don’t want to forget anyone), the anesthesists and the OR nurses. Thanks to all the team, with you a felt at home. Special thanks to Luca, you helped me even before I came. Davide you warmed me (the OR vest 🙂 . Gabriele, the discussions with you were very fruitful…


Dr Bouali Mustapha
Maitre assistant in ORL, head and neck surgery
Oran University hospital
Head of Otology Unit, research lab on recent cholesteatoma treatment techniques.


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