Ana Menezes

I had the pleasure of doing an observational clerkship in the ENT department of Verona in October 2018. I was able to attend unique anterior and lateral skull base surgeries performed by Prof Marchioni and his team. I considered an honor to meet Prof Marchioni who I recognized to be a great surgeon, a great leader and an extremely kind person.
It is really fascinating to see the central role of endoscopic ear surgery and understand how it can complement, and in many cases, overcome the traditional microscopic view.
I was also very impressed by the surgical skills of Dr Davide Soloperto in endoscopic ear surgery and pediatric airway surgery.
Furthermore, I must highlight the importance of Head and Neck surgery in which the department is truly treading his way, with the brilliant surgeon Dr. Gabriele Molteni.
I must also emphasize the great group of residents I met, very well prepared, nice and very hardworking.
I felt extremely welcomed in this department, I learned immensely and I can say I made friends who I hope to keep seeing in future.
I strongly recommend visiting Prof’s Marchioni department in Verona!


Dr. Ana Menezes
Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Hospital de Braga-Portugal

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