Juan Carlos Pèrez Barròn

Undoubtedly I think it is one of the best Otorhinolaryngological centers in the world, they have the most important thing to be able to fully develop the specialty. One of the pillars for the development of the otorhinolaryngological activity is the human staff that is in Verona. Not only are they excellent medical experts in the field, they are a great work group full of excellent doctors with great human quality. There is always an excellent disposition for the patients, for the residents, and in particular, for the rotating doctors.

This stay in Verona meant for me an important window of knowledge, mainly in the area of Endoscopic Ear, Nose and Sinus Surgery, skull base surgery, neck surgery. It meant a way of how to understand and manage a center with this work requirement, and above all, how to form a great group.

I thank the whole group for having allowed me so much learning. Obvious I can not stop mentioning Professor Marchionni, who was always on the lookout for my stay and teaching, to Dr. Molteni, Soloperto, Bianconi, Sacchetto. To all the residents, to the nurses, and in general to all the staff of the Hospital.
I have only to thank them, and it is a fact that my vision of Otorhinolaryngology and, in particular, of Endoscopic surgery after being in Verona, is another.
Grazie mille di tutto!!



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