Loreto Carrasco Mujica

My visit to the “ORL Verona” department was a great experience. First of all, Verona is a wonderful city because of its landscapes, food and wine. At the ENT department of Verona I met a nice group of staff and residents. They have a lot of interesting cases, coming from different cities of Italy. I was really impressed to met Professor Marchioni because of his perfect knowledge of the ear and skull base anatomy, his surgical skill and how he approaches each case. Also, I was amazed of his great drawings of ear and skull base surgery. Also it seems to be a doctor that loves to teach and to spread his knowledge all around the world. He works closely with a group of residents and also, receives ENT from different countries and continents.

I thank all the people involved in making my visit to Verona an excellent experience: Dr Davide Soloperto, Dr Luca Bianconi, Dr Gabriele Molteni, Dr Patrick Pinter, residents, nurses and specially to Professor Marchioni. I hope I will return soon.

Dra. Loreto Carrasco Mujica
Hospital San Juan de Dios – Universidad de Chile
Clínica Alemana de Santiago

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